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Life’s Seasoning

The cycle of seasons is transitioning.  The last bit of wintry weather provided us an opportunity to relish in the last moments of hibernation, rest, and stillness.  Spring conjures up plant growth, sunshine, and outdoor activities!  When you take in the meaning and representation of the seasons, it really brings a lot of joy to the essence of life.  They each have such unique offerings.

What if we looked at life changes and transitions in the same way? —  A natural part of the process (even the unexpected).

When you look at what happens during the 4 seasons, they represent (and quite literally) clearing, growth, rejuvenation, cleansing, opportunity, relaxation, reproduction, and motivation to name a few.  Changes and transitions in life offer the same.  They are seasons within in our own experience and life cycle.  You may be in a winter cycle that is very stable and in a relaxation mode.  You can also be in one that is like spring, full of new growth and possibilities to go explore.  What season is your life in right now?

Just like we expect the seasons to happen, so do cycles in life.  The seasons represent change.  So, in turn you can view change and transition in other areas of life as a season.  Let it provide clearing, growth, rejuvenation, cleansing, opportunity…


Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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