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Celebrating Acupuncture!

I had the pleasure of receiving my first ever Acupuncture treatment this week.  Erica Siegel, Owner of Indy Acupuncture and Indy Downtown Community Acupuncture, took great care of me!  I went to the Downtown Clinic which is an amazingly comfortable space.  They also offer a sliding scale to meet you where your budget is at.  I reclined back alongside a few others, Erica gently placed 15 needles in various spots, and enjoyed an hour of peace and calm!  Who doesn’t want that?  Additionally, I had asked her to focus on a pain I’d been experiencing on the top of my foot.  It had been sore for several days and I didn’t know what had caused it.  The pain dissipated over the next 24 hours and within 48 I noticed it gone.  So, for the relaxation and pain-be-gone magic I say, “Thank you, Erica!”

In celebration of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day – which is today October 24th, I have interviewed Erica and another Acupuncturist, Sarah Fredrickson of Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture.   Learn from them about the treatment and how it can support your well-being through my interview questions below.

How exactly does Acupuncture work?  And, how long does it take for results?

Erica Siegel responded…

There’s an energetic network of channels running throughout the body. These channels communicate with the brain and effect the organ systems. Since the body is mostly water and the hair thin needles are metal, that electrical relationship is able to communicate faster, via the nervous system, than a pain signal; The Pain Gate Theory. Although acupuncture is known best for its pain reducing effects, it is used for a wide variety of imbalances from allergies to psychological stresses. During acupuncture the brain releases endorphins, immune system cells, balances hormones, or whatever is needed to keep the body regulated. Our bodies are a self regulating system. Specific points along these channels have specific influences on all systems of the body. That is why it is such a powerful holistic medicine.

For most problems results are seen within 4-6 treatments. We usually suggest 2 treatments a week for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes people respond immediately, sometimes it takes 24-48 hours after a treatment for a response to be noticeable, sometimes it takes 8-10 treatments. Everyone is different in their response time. Generally, kids change quickly and seniors change slowly. Usually, however many years a symptom has presented itself is how many months of treatment will be needed. The majority of patients recognize the benefits of acupuncture within a handful of treatments.

Who seeks out this kind of care?

Erica Siegel responded…

Everyone from kids with ADD or asthma to seniors with 40 years of back pain. 75-80% of acupuncture patients tend to be women in the US. Majority of patients are middle-aged women. All walks of life all over the world seek acupuncture. Sometimes it is the first resort or preventative and sometimes it is the last resort for people who have, “tried everything else” for their problems.

What do clients experience during a session?

Erica Siegel responded…

Sessions start with a consultation or update on the current state of symptoms. Once the practitioner has assessed and decided the treatment plan the patient lays down on a massage table or recliner. Often the acupuncturist will feel the pulses on the wrists and look at the tongue to get a sense of what is going on internally. The practitioner then places the needles in the acupuncture. The sensation of the needle is like a tiny tug on the arm hair for about a second. A slight reflex, quick dull ache sensation, slight tingles, heat, or cool sensation is normal. Some people barely feel anything. Once the needles are in the patient relaxes and often takes a nap for about 30-45 minutes. Sometimes people feel like they are in an in between state of mind between awake and sleeping. When the patient awakes the needles are taken out. The endorphin release makes for a very relaxed post treatment experience. The practitioner may then suggest herbal medicine, cupping, dietary advice, etc. to accompany the treatment goals.

Why is acupuncture a nice complement to other forms of health/medical care?

Sarah Fredrickson responded…

Acupuncture itself can be used as a complement to most types of therapy. Because the needles used are solid and stainless steel, the treatment itself does not introduce anything into the body that may interact unfavorably with other treatments or medications. When used correctly by a licensed therapist, acupuncture is safe and can be used alongside most treatments. There are some conditions in which acupuncture is not appropriate, and your acupuncturist will be able to determine the safety of treatment with your specific condition or therapy.

While the reason for choosing to use acupuncture may vary with the patient’s condition or treatment, one way acupuncture can be a nice compliment for almost any therapy is stress reduction. It is well known that acupuncture has long been used to treat stress, and anyone undergoing treatment of an illness will be under some stress. Acupuncture can be used to alleviate stress on the patient due to their diagnosis or stress from the treatment itself. This will make the healing process more comfortable for the patient.

In our practice, we work closely with all types of fertility treatments and plan the timing of our acupuncture therapy accordingly. Acupuncture can be used to improve uterine and ovarian blood flow and is used to improve outcomes of fertility treatments.

Oncology is also a very interesting speciality where acupuncture can be used to greatly impact a patient undergoing treatment. The side effects of radiation and chemo-therapy are very well known. Acupuncture can be used to help reduce many of these including nausea, loss of appetite, pain, mood-changes, etc without any risk of interacting with the treatment itself.

Additionally acupuncture is commonly used alongside treatments for pain, digestive diseases, headaches, allergies, certain neurological conditions, post-operative recovery… and the list goes on.

How does acupuncture help with overall health and well-being?

Sarah Fredrickson responded…

Acupuncture helps with overall health and well being in a few different ways. Primarily, it can be a very useful tool to manage stress, which can lead to many health problems. Additionally, acupuncture works within your body itself to create balance. Over time we can easily become out of balance, and acupuncture, used regularly, can treat these imbalances before they become health problems.

The ancient Chinese spoke of the flow of life energy, or Qi (chee). In order to be at our healthiest, our Qi needs to be freely flowing through the meridians and balanced correctly throughout the body. It is thought that, by inserting needles into the body at specific points, this energy balance can be restored. I like to think of the concept of Qi and its movement throughout the body like a traffic map of a city. The cars (or Qi) move around via roads (or meridians) through intersections and to destinations. Traffic jams or slow moving traffic can bunch up cars in certain areas, leave no traffic in other areas and create problems. Stagnation of energy or an imbalance in any part of the body also produces problems. Acupuncture needles inserted at specific points can alter the flow of Qi much like a yield sign or traffic signal can alter the traffic and make it flow more smoothly.

Do some people have problems with the needles? How is that overcome?

Sarah Fredrickson responded…

Nobody likes needles… I have seen many patients with needle phobias throughout my years in practice. The fear varies from patients who cannot see the needles go in to patients who can barely come through the door out of fear.

There seems to be some rumors going around about acupuncture and I think this can make the fear worse. Acupuncture is not painful. It feels nothing like getting an injection. The needles are flexible and about as thin as a hair. Most patients feel a tiny pinch (which I equate to a mosquito bite) upon insertion and nothing while the needles are left in place. If there is any bleeding, and this itself is very, very rare, it is one or two drops.

My advice to patients is to be honest with your acupuncturist and tell them any fears you have. Make sure to get all of your questions answered. Their goal is to provide you with the best treatment they can, and the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better the treatment will be.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about acupuncture.  Take care of you and if acupuncture is of interest, try it out.  Then you will know first hand what it is like.  I’m definitely going back for more!  Acupuncture is officially part of my holistic self-care routine.

In Synergy~

Jennifer Seffrin

Holistic Hub On The Rise!

It’s almost been a month since the inaugural Holistic Horizons summit and I still hear people talking bout it.  The day was tremendous and full of invigorating people!  The energy was palpable and stayed with me through the entire day and evening buzzing like a bumble bee.

The theme of the summit was Connecting To And Sharing Your Greatness.  Greatness was definitely in that room on September 14th – in every speaker, panelist, team member, attendee, and vendor.  An amazing group of people created the day and supported the effort.  A theme talked about by keynote, Richard Brendan, was collaboration.  He reinforced that we allow for more possibilities and fuller potential through allowing other people in to share their strengths and work together.  It is through this same synergy that Indy Holistic Hub is evolving.

Me and summit co-host, Kathy Jo Slusher, Marketing Tao LLC

Happy to have one another to lean on that day!

Kathy Jo and Jenn_2013

Our Holistic Hub Membership was launched following the summit and we are working on a website project that I call – The Hub of Holistic Self-Care.  Again, I am collaborating with other great professionals to take things to the next playground level.  It’s going to have jungle gyms, merry-go-rounds with lots of merriment, and beyond!  More to be announced in the near future.

I really would love to hear from anyone interested in holistic health and well-being.  What would you like to have available to you through the Indy Holistic Hub website?

In Collaboration~

Jenn Seffrin

Life’s Seasoning

The cycle of seasons is transitioning.  The last bit of wintry weather provided us an opportunity to relish in the last moments of hibernation, rest, and stillness.  Spring conjures up plant growth, sunshine, and outdoor activities!  When you take in the meaning and representation of the seasons, it really brings a lot of joy to the essence of life.  They each have such unique offerings.

What if we looked at life changes and transitions in the same way? —  A natural part of the process (even the unexpected).

When you look at what happens during the 4 seasons, they represent (and quite literally) clearing, growth, rejuvenation, cleansing, opportunity, relaxation, reproduction, and motivation to name a few.  Changes and transitions in life offer the same.  They are seasons within in our own experience and life cycle.  You may be in a winter cycle that is very stable and in a relaxation mode.  You can also be in one that is like spring, full of new growth and possibilities to go explore.  What season is your life in right now?

Just like we expect the seasons to happen, so do cycles in life.  The seasons represent change.  So, in turn you can view change and transition in other areas of life as a season.  Let it provide clearing, growth, rejuvenation, cleansing, opportunity…


Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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School Is In Session

Synergy Coaching Principle:   We are all Teachers and Students. 

You may have a strong propensity for learning, gaining new information, and finding answers.   Maybe you love being a facilitator, sharing knowledge, and leading the way.  In either case, you are both a teacher and a student.  As people come into your life, you fill both of these roles and they do as well.  We learn more of who we are and our capabilities in relationships.

Let’s use this as an example:

You have a child who is demanding of time and requires a lot of attention.  In turn, the parent learns patience and new ways to balance and prioritize.  They’re surprisingly creative in their solutions!  In relationship, the child has taught them that.  The parent is a student of patience and balance.  And the child is learning from them independence, responsibility, and boundaries.  The parent is also the teacher.

Begin seeing yourself as the Teacher and Student in each of your relationships.  It will help you grow and realize that everyday and in all moments, school is in session.

~~~ Tell us your lessons!  ~~~

Chalk board

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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By George!

Every week I await the moment of inspiration that then comes to life in my blog.  It is sometimes brought on by a book, personal experience, or conversation.  This week it is a conversation.  I had a friend say to me, I think we are here to be curious.  I really loved and appreciated that statement and it resonated through the week.  As I sat down to write about curiosity, I had the sense that I’ve written about this before.  Turns out I did 2 years ago.  So, its due time to revisit this. 🙂

We are naturally curious beings.  Our minds search for answers to questions.  That’s the power of coaching and the process of deep, far-reaching questions.  It stretches your curiosity to consider the possibilities.  In asking another individual this week, “How are you not fulfilling your purpose right now?”  They responded by saying, “I’ve never been asked that before.”  She became immediately curious about this question, looking for answers.


And as I shared a tip in Curiosity Feeds Passion, my writing from 2 years ago, I do so again:

Being curious:  At the top of a piece of paper write out these few questions.  Then, allow the answers to emerge through the next week.  Make note of your ah-ha’s.

  • Why is life so intriguing to me?
  • Why am I so naturally curious about __?  (you fill in the blank!)
  • How are my gifts beneficial to the world around me?

Please share what you discover!  

Curiously yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Building Supportive Community

I’m impressed to see as I’m mixing about Indianapolis there are many twenty somethings placing themselves in the midst of it all.  I see them in circles focused on spirituality, social change, entrepreneurism, networking, life coaching and more.  It’s encouraging to see Indy moving and growing.  There are people looking for like-mindedness and shared passion.  There’s more and more for people to tap into depending on their interests and no matter their age!  community peg board

Going back to those twenty somethings – a new online community has emerged geared towards this crowd.  It is   As described on the website,

twentysomething Indy is an online magazine for the savvy and professional twenty-something crowd located in or around Indianapolis. New content is added weekly and covers entertainment, style, food & dining, and professional and home life.

After talking with the founder of twentysomething Indy, Sarah Eutsler, about her goals and what her audience is experiencing, I wrote an article titled Quarter-Life Crisis Be Gone for her online magazine.  Please check it out and Sarah’s growing efforts!  Share with someone who would appreciate it.  Also, if you are looking for a like-minded group and don’t know where to look, let me know and I will help you find what you’re looking for:)

Here’s to a supportive Indy community!  And here’s to!

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Our Art Filled Life

This is going to be an artsy post today… thought-provoking and creative.  I’ve been inspired by one of my favorite coaching principles…

The world is a perceptual illusion.

Eyeball with colorful iris

Each one of us is a perceptual being.  We think, feel, and take action based on our perceptions.  Accordingly, our experience is created through the illusion.

How many artist are on this earth?  All these perceptions, illusion, and creative force… no wonder things can seem wonky sometimes.

Human Minds

Being reminded of this principle, I have seen people experiencing deep joy by owning their perceptions as they artfully brush the canvas of life.   The world is an experience.  It is a big piece of artwork.  You could liken it to an amusement park.  Sometimes you are laughing and in other moments feeling a little nausea from its ups and downs.

What world are you painting today?

Colorful girl with dandelion

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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