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Prosper In The Possibilities

Happy 2013 to all!  I surely hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season.  Have you prepared yourself for what’s next in your life and 2013? 

I went deep within to get a sense of what 2013 was going to be about and got this sense of great Prosperity.  For me, life is prosperous in so many ways and I am grateful for that.  The sense of prosperity that I got was a bit more expansive and well-rounded in all areas of life.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  So, I can’t wait to see what all transpires!  The other thing I’ve placed as a priority in my 2013 flow is having fun with it all.

Propsperity + Fun = a Glorious 2013

I got “back to work” on January 2nd.  I cleaned up the office, organized, and placed up my new calendar gifted to me from my sister, Becca.  I love my new calendar designed by Brush Dance.  Just click the image below to check out the website.

Quote by Emily Dickinson

Quote by Emily Dickinson

This image is the January insert from my new calendar.  Possibility is the perfect word to go along with Prosperity!  Belief in the possibilities of life is a strong suit of mine.  So, it will really help support the expansion of prosperity in its many forms, I’m sure.  I commit to sharing with you all the possibilities that emerge and ways to prosper in 2013!

Post below and share with us your power words, mantra, vision, etc. for 2013.  I know I’d love to hear!  Also, please share this blog with someone who would enjoy the message and let’s build a prosperous, supportive community.

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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