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Self-Care Builds You Up

Often times, people wait until drastic circumstances to care for themselves.   In example, finally getting enough sleep when the flu has knocked them on their back.  Or, making time for the chiropractor because they can hardly stand.  How many times have you felt frenzied because you were lacking time to yourself?  How many times have you ignored warning signs?  These things put you on the roller coaster of “not enough time” or being “out of balance”.  No matter what the warning signs are (mental, emotional, or physical), you are being told to pay attention.

How do you avoid the roller coaster?  By implementing a self-care plan.

We’ve all heard someone say, “I just need some down time.”  What is so “down” about time to yourself?  It’s really about keeping UP in life by having moments of restoration, relaxation, and inspiration.  There is some stigma to down time.  So, we’re changing that right now.  Here are new statements:

Self care builds me up.

Self care is time designed for my well-being.

My well-being is about feeding my mind, body, and spirit.

This self-care time is just as important as other aspects of life.  Consider for yourself a plan designed to support and energize all of you.  This is your unique preventative wellness package.  Do this with a significant other or best friend.  Choose a couple of activities that you like best in the following categories.  The activities are just examples.  Take into consider what you value most and add those!

Feed the Mind  –   Read; Journal; Take a class; Quiet time; Meaningful conversation with friends/family; Hobby/creative projects…

Energize the Body  –  Walk; Lift weights; Yoga; Bodywork – massage or energy work; Healthful food; Rest & Sleep; Deep breathing…

Inspire the Spirit  –  Meditate; Attend church/spiritual center; Talk with a spiritual coach or advisor; Read; Reflective time; Prayer; Time in nature…

Again, choose a couple of activities in each category and incorporate into daily/weekly/monthly routines.  What’s extra cool, anything you do in one category also feeds the other two!  Now, that’s Synergy 🙂

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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