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2 Types of Energy – Revealed!

Last week I talked about your energy drain or gain.  I told you the two kinds of energy that impact this drain or gain response are not positive or negative.  So, what are they?  Here they are:

Anabolic energy – This is momentum building energy.  It is creative and steady-flowing allowing you to feel uplifted and inspired.  An actual anabolic process is the growth of our muscles and bones.

Catabolic energy – This is an energy flow that quickly depletes you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  A catabolic process is the stress reaction we have within our body.

The energy you operate within can actually inspire you into action or cause you to retreat and hide.  Not only does it have a mental/emotional impact on you, it also has a physical impact on your body and it’s ability to heal.  Our bodies are more and more recognized as an energetic  network, a system that is not only biological but also spiritual.  With that, it is ever more important to take a holistic approach to your well-being.

Our bodies tell us when it’s energy is being depleted and needing extra care.  The modern day problem is we don’t pay attention or we fight through it, rather than care to it.   These indicators are such things as:

   Being down.      Tightness and soreness.        

Feeling tired.     Knowing something is off or out of place.              

       Extra stressed.       Becoming “under the weather“.              

Depressed.   Unclear thinking.                                

     Problems with focus.   

And on!                                                                           

So, take care of yourself right away.  Ignoring and waiting has deeper implications.  Let’s have a society who cares about human beings!  That starts with you caring for yourself.  Pay attention to the warning bells and implement a self-care plan.

What does it mean to have a self-care plan?  That…next week!

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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