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Indy Holistic Hub is here!

A personal vision coming to life… I am so pleased to announce Indy Holistic Hub is here!  Indy Holistic Hub is committed to the well-being of the Indianapolis community.  We provide smart resources and information, connecting people to professionals who respect them as a whole and support them being well in mind, body, and spirit.

Why Indy Holistic Hub?

Because I see an emergence right here in the Mid-west.  There are many individuals, businesses, and organizations invested in the greatness of our Indianapolis community.  I am passionate about holistic wellness, support, and inspiration.  As a natural connector, I see this as my calling.  We don’t have to go elsewhere to find people who are aware and committed to natural health, purposeful life, and well-being.  It is forging forward right here!  Indy Holistic Hub will be the bridge to local experts, cutting-edge information, and resources.

Please join us on Facebook at

Our Free Launch Event is Thursday, November 15th, at 7:00 p.m. ET.  This event is called Holiday Nourishment and will be conducted online and via conference call.  See all the details on our Facebook page above.

Let me know what you would like from Indy Holistic Hub!  Feel free to submit questions on our Facebook page and get responses from local experts.

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Be An Activist Of Life

I attended an impressive event yesterday put on by a locally founded organization who is making an international impact, the Women Like Us Foundation.   Their Women Like Us tea was held at the gorgeous Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis and was a great success.  Full of fun vendors, silent auction items galore, and lovely people surrounding it all, the engagement also came with a heart-heavy topic.  Money was being raised for human trafficking, and they raised our awareness that this is happening to minors, including our children here in the United States.

I’ve never considered myself an activist per say.  What I do consider myself is an activist of life!  And yesterday’s event has inspired me to put words to this.  I’m also not big on separating people and topics per their sex, race, etc.  Why don’t we more often come together as human beings?  Perhaps that shift is coming.  I can tell you one thing, this is a topic that demands that coming together!  The magnificent speakers yesterday and stories they shared highlighted that human trafficking is not a foreign problem, it is an across the world problem.  Men and women come together to love and protect our children!

Life is so precious.  At the event, an adult spoke of her experience being trafficked from a very early age.  Yes, she has many scars and remembers her experience everyday.  And she also says “yes” to life.  She shows up to love the children who are being exposed to the same perversions she experienced.  She rescues them and teaches them how to forgive and how to love themselves and others.  She is an activist of life!  She believes and has hope for others who do not have hope for themselves.  She shows up so they may choose something different when they don’t know that choice is even there.  As human beings, we desire love and someone to believe in us.  And that applies to all walks of life.

I ask you, “How are you an activist of life?”  It starts day-to-day by being the greatest version of you.  You impact life by raising your consciousness and sharing your love with those around you.  You impact life by not turning your back on a difficult situation in front of you, but rather showing up and shining your loving light on the people and situation.   As a parent, you educate your children on self-care and honor.  You enlighten them to understand, not to scare.  You engage them in being their best selves.  You show them how not to turn their back by speaking up in frightful situations.

Love all children.  Love all people.  Be an activist of life!!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Keeping In Mind…


Taking care of yourself, is taking care of others around you.  There’s so many benefits of having a self-care routine that you’re committed to.  The ability to take care of and tend to others, is just one of those.  People who neglect themselves and fail to nurture their own well-being, are subject to deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem, and ultimately increased stress that wears them out.  Feelings of resentment more easily enter the equation at this point, and the desire to help take care of others is lost and becomes a burden.

Great news, Indy Holistic Hub is coming your way soon to support you in taking care you!  More on that later…

Practice asking this empowering question this week:

Why do I experience amazing benefits by taking care of me?

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Self-Care Builds You Up

Often times, people wait until drastic circumstances to care for themselves.   In example, finally getting enough sleep when the flu has knocked them on their back.  Or, making time for the chiropractor because they can hardly stand.  How many times have you felt frenzied because you were lacking time to yourself?  How many times have you ignored warning signs?  These things put you on the roller coaster of “not enough time” or being “out of balance”.  No matter what the warning signs are (mental, emotional, or physical), you are being told to pay attention.

How do you avoid the roller coaster?  By implementing a self-care plan.

We’ve all heard someone say, “I just need some down time.”  What is so “down” about time to yourself?  It’s really about keeping UP in life by having moments of restoration, relaxation, and inspiration.  There is some stigma to down time.  So, we’re changing that right now.  Here are new statements:

Self care builds me up.

Self care is time designed for my well-being.

My well-being is about feeding my mind, body, and spirit.

This self-care time is just as important as other aspects of life.  Consider for yourself a plan designed to support and energize all of you.  This is your unique preventative wellness package.  Do this with a significant other or best friend.  Choose a couple of activities that you like best in the following categories.  The activities are just examples.  Take into consider what you value most and add those!

Feed the Mind  –   Read; Journal; Take a class; Quiet time; Meaningful conversation with friends/family; Hobby/creative projects…

Energize the Body  –  Walk; Lift weights; Yoga; Bodywork – massage or energy work; Healthful food; Rest & Sleep; Deep breathing…

Inspire the Spirit  –  Meditate; Attend church/spiritual center; Talk with a spiritual coach or advisor; Read; Reflective time; Prayer; Time in nature…

Again, choose a couple of activities in each category and incorporate into daily/weekly/monthly routines.  What’s extra cool, anything you do in one category also feeds the other two!  Now, that’s Synergy 🙂

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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2 Types of Energy – Revealed!

Last week I talked about your energy drain or gain.  I told you the two kinds of energy that impact this drain or gain response are not positive or negative.  So, what are they?  Here they are:

Anabolic energy – This is momentum building energy.  It is creative and steady-flowing allowing you to feel uplifted and inspired.  An actual anabolic process is the growth of our muscles and bones.

Catabolic energy – This is an energy flow that quickly depletes you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  A catabolic process is the stress reaction we have within our body.

The energy you operate within can actually inspire you into action or cause you to retreat and hide.  Not only does it have a mental/emotional impact on you, it also has a physical impact on your body and it’s ability to heal.  Our bodies are more and more recognized as an energetic  network, a system that is not only biological but also spiritual.  With that, it is ever more important to take a holistic approach to your well-being.

Our bodies tell us when it’s energy is being depleted and needing extra care.  The modern day problem is we don’t pay attention or we fight through it, rather than care to it.   These indicators are such things as:

   Being down.      Tightness and soreness.        

Feeling tired.     Knowing something is off or out of place.              

       Extra stressed.       Becoming “under the weather“.              

Depressed.   Unclear thinking.                                

     Problems with focus.   

And on!                                                                           

So, take care of yourself right away.  Ignoring and waiting has deeper implications.  Let’s have a society who cares about human beings!  That starts with you caring for yourself.  Pay attention to the warning bells and implement a self-care plan.

What does it mean to have a self-care plan?  That…next week!

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Energy Drain or Gain

Are you draining or gaining energy in your day?  There are two different kinds of energy that you utilize and they impact the drain/gain factor.  Hint: they are not positive and negative.

Do you know what drains you and what replenishes you?  Your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, situations, relationships, projects, and so on all have an energy field to them.  It’s not what they are doing to you that creates the drain or gain.  It is your perspective and judgement of them that creates the energetic connection and ongoing impact on YOU.  Here is what you can do to better understand your energetic drains and gains:

  1. Complete a check-in with yourself – Am I being drained in this moment or gaining some momentum?
  2. If you are experiencing drain – What perspective do I have with this?  What other approaches might I take instead?
  3. If you are experiencing gain –  What perspective do I have with this?  How can I use this even when things aren’t going as planned?

Try this philosophy on for size…

Life is a perfect adventure; a game that cannot be won or lost, only played. ~ an iPEC Foundation Principle

Have an adventure with your energy!  Play with it and strategize to see what results you get.  Have fun with it and know you are a vital player in this game – whether you’re sitting on the bench doing nada or at bat practicing each day.

Want to know the two kinds of energy?  Tune in next Friday! 🙂

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Find Your Fit

What does being well mean to you?  Last week I spoke about my vision of creating a holistic hub in Indianapolis.  At the heart of that is people being empowered with helpful information and smart resources so they may find their fit.  There is no one-size-fits-all to being well (or any area of life for that matter).  All people deserve handy information, connections, and resources to figure out what makes sense for them.  Our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences shape our perspective, including what it means to be well.  Making a decision that resonates with you is important to discovering results.

Ask yourself this empowering question throughout the next week:

How am I fit and full of well-being?

Just ask and allow yourself to begin searching for the answer.  Ask many times each day!  The key is opening your mind ~ body ~ and soul to the possibilities.  So, do not force an answer, let it emerge…

How am I fit and full of well-being?

Cheers to finding your fit!

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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