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Holistic Hub On The Rise!

It’s almost been a month since the inaugural Holistic Horizons summit and I still hear people talking bout it.  The day was tremendous and full of invigorating people!  The energy was palpable and stayed with me through the entire day and evening buzzing like a bumble bee.

The theme of the summit was Connecting To And Sharing Your Greatness.  Greatness was definitely in that room on September 14th – in every speaker, panelist, team member, attendee, and vendor.  An amazing group of people created the day and supported the effort.  A theme talked about by keynote, Richard Brendan, was collaboration.  He reinforced that we allow for more possibilities and fuller potential through allowing other people in to share their strengths and work together.  It is through this same synergy that Indy Holistic Hub is evolving.

Me and summit co-host, Kathy Jo Slusher, Marketing Tao LLC

Happy to have one another to lean on that day!

Kathy Jo and Jenn_2013

Our Holistic Hub Membership was launched following the summit and we are working on a website project that I call – The Hub of Holistic Self-Care.  Again, I am collaborating with other great professionals to take things to the next playground level.  It’s going to have jungle gyms, merry-go-rounds with lots of merriment, and beyond!  More to be announced in the near future.

I really would love to hear from anyone interested in holistic health and well-being.  What would you like to have available to you through the Indy Holistic Hub website?

In Collaboration~

Jenn Seffrin