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School Is In Session

Synergy Coaching Principle:   We are all Teachers and Students. 

You may have a strong propensity for learning, gaining new information, and finding answers.   Maybe you love being a facilitator, sharing knowledge, and leading the way.  In either case, you are both a teacher and a student.  As people come into your life, you fill both of these roles and they do as well.  We learn more of who we are and our capabilities in relationships.

Let’s use this as an example:

You have a child who is demanding of time and requires a lot of attention.  In turn, the parent learns patience and new ways to balance and prioritize.  They’re surprisingly creative in their solutions!  In relationship, the child has taught them that.  The parent is a student of patience and balance.  And the child is learning from them independence, responsibility, and boundaries.  The parent is also the teacher.

Begin seeing yourself as the Teacher and Student in each of your relationships.  It will help you grow and realize that everyday and in all moments, school is in session.

~~~ Tell us your lessons!  ~~~

Chalk board

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Be An Activist Of Life

I attended an impressive event yesterday put on by a locally founded organization who is making an international impact, the Women Like Us Foundation.   Their Women Like Us tea was held at the gorgeous Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis and was a great success.  Full of fun vendors, silent auction items galore, and lovely people surrounding it all, the engagement also came with a heart-heavy topic.  Money was being raised for human trafficking, and they raised our awareness that this is happening to minors, including our children here in the United States.

I’ve never considered myself an activist per say.  What I do consider myself is an activist of life!  And yesterday’s event has inspired me to put words to this.  I’m also not big on separating people and topics per their sex, race, etc.  Why don’t we more often come together as human beings?  Perhaps that shift is coming.  I can tell you one thing, this is a topic that demands that coming together!  The magnificent speakers yesterday and stories they shared highlighted that human trafficking is not a foreign problem, it is an across the world problem.  Men and women come together to love and protect our children!

Life is so precious.  At the event, an adult spoke of her experience being trafficked from a very early age.  Yes, she has many scars and remembers her experience everyday.  And she also says “yes” to life.  She shows up to love the children who are being exposed to the same perversions she experienced.  She rescues them and teaches them how to forgive and how to love themselves and others.  She is an activist of life!  She believes and has hope for others who do not have hope for themselves.  She shows up so they may choose something different when they don’t know that choice is even there.  As human beings, we desire love and someone to believe in us.  And that applies to all walks of life.

I ask you, “How are you an activist of life?”  It starts day-to-day by being the greatest version of you.  You impact life by raising your consciousness and sharing your love with those around you.  You impact life by not turning your back on a difficult situation in front of you, but rather showing up and shining your loving light on the people and situation.   As a parent, you educate your children on self-care and honor.  You enlighten them to understand, not to scare.  You engage them in being their best selves.  You show them how not to turn their back by speaking up in frightful situations.

Love all children.  Love all people.  Be an activist of life!!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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When was the first time you took control?

When was the first time you really took control of your life?  The moment you made a play in the game of life and took the turn in the road that expanded your horizon?  Those are defining moments.  They have led you to where you are now.  Think back as far as you can to the first time.

From that moment of liberation, you said to the world, “I can do it.”  By taking control and courageously making your own decision, you expand what’s within you and around you.   Congratulations!  Continue to ask yourself, “How can I do that today?

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It was there all the time.

~Anna Freud

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin 

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Inanimate Cooperation

The level of energy that we approach anything with, changes our experience with it.  My mini-case study in point…

I was organizing through a lot of paperwork this week.  It included flipping through many pages of paper and removing many, many staples.  I did this on 3 different days.  The first day I approached it I quickly flipped through the pages and I attacked those staples with the intent, “You’re coming out one way or another!”  My hands were dry, splotchy, and fingertips were slightly sore by the end.

The second day I began and soon realized the competitive and combative energy I was approaching this with.  I decided a different approach.  I became one with the staples, knowing we are connected through energy.  My mantra shifted to cooperation and I said to the staples, “Ease and effortlessness.”  Simply that and the experience changed on the 2nd and 3rd day.  My hands were not agitated and the staple removal was with ease.  The other kicker, I got through it just as quickly even though I wasn’t approaching it as a race.  Hmmm…

How can you do conduct your own experiment? 

Please share your findings here so I may submit them to the Inanimate Cooperation Scientific Journal 😉

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Our Earth Hour

People enjoy rallying around something of importance together – as part of a group.  There are so many ways I see this happening in today’s world.  One of them is tomorrow, Saturday the 31st, with Earth Hour.  An hour set-up to unite people in an effort to protect the planet.  The call to action is turning off all your lights from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. as a message for action on climate change.

You can learn more at  Additionally, a great Indy resource for sustainable actions is Green Piece Indy.  Sign-up for their helpful tips!  You will realize how easy it is to contribute within your household.

Sustainability is one hot topic and there are many others.  What do you rally around?  Embrace what you feel strongly about and join others who are like-minded.  If you already have, share with us your favorite group/association/organization and what you get from it.

And one more call to action from me – Share resources, educational opportunities, tips & tricks, and ways to be an empowered person.  In other words – don’t complain about it, do something to lift us up:)

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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What’s Your -Ness?

I am rocking out to some dance-grooving tunes as I write this, in honor of Rockstar Spirit Designs who inspired this post.  The creator of Rockstar designs, Holly Bahr Roberts, made me a glorious necklace last week.  She asked me, “What’s your motto?  What would you like it to say?”  Oh, the fun began!  My wheels started turning and love was the first word coming to mind.  The word peace followed and also consciousness.  In examining those 3 words together, I realized that peace is a byproduct of love and high level conscious thinking.  That’s my drive – to share and be love and interact with life from a positive, conscious place.  In being those things, I create more peace in my life which also extends out in the community around me.

“So, what about the suffix -ness?”, was the next part of my internal dialogue.  I talk about conscious”ness” and find myself adding it onto other words (fun-ness, cooperative-ness,responsible-ness).  It’s because -ness is attached to words to form an abstract noun denoting quality and state.  That is why I like to add -ness to words.  It exemplifies and emphasizes that quality.  It’s being that thing.  I am love”ness” and conscious”ness”.  Therefore, the words on my necklace are ~

Love ~ Conscious ~ -Ness

Isn’t this an amazing necklace?!

What is your -Ness?  How do you want to exemplify who you are?  Consider making your own words.  Have fun with it!  Take words that are meaningful to you and add this suffix onto them.  Think about how you show that quality in your day-to-day life.  By defining it and adding your flair to it, you will find ways to be it more often.

Check out Holly’s amazing creations on Facebook!  Thank you Rockstar Spirit Designs for my necklace.

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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The “And Equation”

Not ‘versus’, but ‘and’.  Huh?… What is Jenn talking about?!  As I was just processing my thoughts and preparing to write  this entry that is what came to me, “It’s not ‘versus’, but ‘and’.”  Hold on and let me explain.

I started pitting Intentions and Flexibility against each other this week.  Unbeknownst to me initially and now I see that sneaky play in the game.  Give me the ball back – it’s my turn!

My play is practicing Intentions and Flexibility.

Does some of this seem familiar to you?

  • Work vs. Family
  • Fitness vs. Time
  • Fun vs. Household project
  • Responsibility vs. Relaxation

When we do this to ourselves, life is an ongoing competition and we are continually “losing” at something.  The reality is these all exist.  Life is about work AND family AND time AND so on.  When I realized I had created a power match between Intention vs. Flexibility, I reminded myself of the And Equation.

Intention is about aligning life with my values, passions, and purpose.  It’s creating goals personally and professionally from that and envisioning how that looks and feels.  It’s also about gaining focus and clarity on the steps along the way.  Flexibility is about being open to all possibilities and opportunities.  It’s realizing that things do not always work the way I plan in my mind and accepting things that seem uncertain.  I never know fully where a path is going to take me.  The more open I am, the more value I will gain.

So, back to practicing Intentions and Flexibility together.  We’re huddled to sketch out the game plan…  1.) Vision map posted and open to change,  2.) Schedule outlined and open to change,  3.) Weekly mantra posted and ready for more,  4.) Conscious of my energy and prepared for fluctuations,  5.)  Daily reflection of what emerges (expected and unexpected), 6.) Prayer and meditation and new support systems welcome.

I would love to know how you create Intention and Flexibility in your life!  Please do share.  It’s helpful to hear from others and to grow from your insight.  Pretty please share!

How do you practice Intention and Flexibility?

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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