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Sun Roof Fun

It’s such a fun and inspiring Friday!  So, I’m here to share my excitement and silliness.  And hope you will share yours too:)

I allowed myself to sleep in just a wee little bit this morn.  I don’t get to sleep in over the weekend so today was my day to allow that.  I love sleep!   I had an easy, breezy go to the morning.  Taking all things in stride and preparing for my wonderful mid-morning appointment, I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee and put on fun, funky, and comfortable clothes for my Friday-funday.  There is something very freeing when allowing myself to be expressed through my clothing and accessories.  My creative juices were flowing~~~~~

I eventually got out of the house and no coat in tow as I was  ready for the temps to rise and the sun to shine.  I used car/drive time to pray and reflect, as well as do some breathing exercises.  In one singular appointment, I had great conversation… was reminded of being open and diverse… collaborated in the spirit of shared values/vision… conducted a nutritional consultation… and more!  And we could’ve kept conversing on and on and on.  That’s when you know you’re in, as they say, “good company”.  Who is they anyway?

After all that greatness, I got into my warm car with the sunshine in full effect.  The sunroof came open right away.  Whoooo-ey!  I basked in the joy of my drive home and literally let my inner joy out in the form of a small squeal.  That was followed by two more squeals each a little louder.  Next time, I’m going to make sure I’m pulled up next to a car with their windows down so they can think I’m a crazy person.  Well, that’s what I told myself.  We shall see.

I’m not letting go of the energy that’s carrying this sun roof fun day right along.  More great connections happening, this blog is being completed, and I’m going back out into the sunshine very soon!  Enjoy your Friday and make it fun.  Whatever that is for you!  Do tell!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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The Power of Words

We are surrounded by energy everyday and emit energy ourselves.  Through our actions, thoughts, feelings, and words.  Yes, our words!  They have an energetic pull and impact our experiences.  Take a couple of familiar words we say to ourselves – “should” and “want to”.

Should = feeling like you must or ought to; based on external notions about what is best; stems from expectations of being and doing all things (which is unrealistic)

Want to = certain; committed; aligned with values, priorities, and goals; empowering choice

Think about the messaging to yourself.  What words do you use that are empowering and what words do you use that create other less desired feelings?  I had one crop up into my awareness recently.  Let’s take a look.

One of my default tendencies has been to become overwhelmed.  Which in the past, as a means to cope, granted me permission to simply shut down.  Which brings us forward to present day…  I was having a very interesting, fun, and engaging conversation recently.  I thoroughly enjoyed what this conversation was about and the great ideas that were being generated.  It was good stuff!  Afterward, I said I was “overwhelmed” by all the possibilities.  I then immediately wanted to go home and clear my head as to release the feelings of anxiousness.  How did I have this cool conversation and now want to shut down?  Because of the word I chose, that’s why.  I wasn’t overwhelmed by the conversation.  It was “exhilerating”.  My antsy-pants and sweaty armpits were from excitement, not overwhelm.  When I realized that, it shifted everything.  I did not want to shut down but share my cool day with a close friend and consider more of what it could mean.

So, my new word is EXHILERATING!  For me it’s exciting and fun together.

What empowering word are you going to begin using?

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

P.S.  Now that I realize defaulting to overwhelm is a habit, I’m paying attention to how that pesky booger is showing up in other ways.  Wish me luck!