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Limit Those Limitations Today

I had this quote from Buddha shared with me this week – The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation.  We may not be able to throw out our mind, but the good news is we can choose what we fill it with and how we use it! 

I heard a great story on Ellen this week about a female LSU soccer player named Mo Isom.  She is living in a world of possibilities, believing in herself, and striving for that which is outside “the norm”.  Way to go Mo!  The goal she is working towards… to literally be kicking goals for the  #1 college football team, LSU, as their first female kicker.  Mo shares that her life has had challenges during these college years from her father’s suicide to a dangerous car wreck that left her very beat up.  Through life’s happenings, she sees her abilities at limitless.  See her clip with Ellen by Clicking Here.

Also, I must give a shout out to Ellen!!!  She highlights, showcases, and embraces the expansiveness of life.  Thank you Ellen:)

Another sweet example in my life of limitlessness is my new niece Nora Bella.  I realize we don’t try to tell a baby what it can or cannot do.  We just love it and say “What might you be one day?  Oooh the possibilities…”  I think Nora Bella may be an Elvis impersonator, or maybe not.  She is adorable!  That I know for sure.

I know the possibilities are far and beyond my mind for this sweet bundle of greatness and I will love her everyday.  Now, what if you looked at each of your days in that way?  Loving yourself and knowing there continues to be unlimited ways that your path may unfold.  Is your mind seeing those paths in a limited view or an expansive one?  Begin by seeing those around you with this love and unlimited potential.  What is that experience like?  That is exactly what to do with yourself!

Here’s to your unlimited potential!!!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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