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The “And Equation”

Not ‘versus’, but ‘and’.  Huh?… What is Jenn talking about?!  As I was just processing my thoughts and preparing to write  this entry that is what came to me, “It’s not ‘versus’, but ‘and’.”  Hold on and let me explain.

I started pitting Intentions and Flexibility against each other this week.  Unbeknownst to me initially and now I see that sneaky play in the game.  Give me the ball back – it’s my turn!

My play is practicing Intentions and Flexibility.

Does some of this seem familiar to you?

  • Work vs. Family
  • Fitness vs. Time
  • Fun vs. Household project
  • Responsibility vs. Relaxation

When we do this to ourselves, life is an ongoing competition and we are continually “losing” at something.  The reality is these all exist.  Life is about work AND family AND time AND so on.  When I realized I had created a power match between Intention vs. Flexibility, I reminded myself of the And Equation.

Intention is about aligning life with my values, passions, and purpose.  It’s creating goals personally and professionally from that and envisioning how that looks and feels.  It’s also about gaining focus and clarity on the steps along the way.  Flexibility is about being open to all possibilities and opportunities.  It’s realizing that things do not always work the way I plan in my mind and accepting things that seem uncertain.  I never know fully where a path is going to take me.  The more open I am, the more value I will gain.

So, back to practicing Intentions and Flexibility together.  We’re huddled to sketch out the game plan…  1.) Vision map posted and open to change,  2.) Schedule outlined and open to change,  3.) Weekly mantra posted and ready for more,  4.) Conscious of my energy and prepared for fluctuations,  5.)  Daily reflection of what emerges (expected and unexpected), 6.) Prayer and meditation and new support systems welcome.

I would love to know how you create Intention and Flexibility in your life!  Please do share.  It’s helpful to hear from others and to grow from your insight.  Pretty please share!

How do you practice Intention and Flexibility?

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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