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Turn Your Pet Peeve Into A Reprieve

One definition of reprieve is to relieve temporarily from any evil.  Oh what a good word to highlight my thoughts for today!  Everyone has pet peeves.  It’s those great moments when someone or something just annoys the you-know-what out of you.   Our triggers may differ from person to person but the experience is much the same.  And as we allow these pet peeves to develop and grow over time, they can blow up.  You may even find yourself reacting in such a way that one would think you are literally combatting evil.

So, let’s lighten the load a bit.  When you let an annoyance get you all worked up, you are only creating misery for yourself.  And you can take this moment to learn, grow, and be thankful for the great qualities you possess instead.

The Strategy:  As the evilness of a pet peeve begins to rise up, take a reprieve.

How To Take a Reprieve:

Say to yourself, “This person/situation is not evil”, and smile remembering the above picture 🙂

Reflect back on what is truly annoying you about the situation.  How is this not aligning with what you value?

Identify how you can improve that quality within yourself.  And be grateful that you possess that ability.

Warning:  You may discover more happiness and appreciation!

Just remember, if you start to boil up inside because of a pet peeve, you don’t have to allow it to disrupt your day.  You have likely been the peeve to someone’s pet, right?  And you are not evil!  So, lighten up and focus on what creates enjoyment for you.

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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What’s Your -Ness?

I am rocking out to some dance-grooving tunes as I write this, in honor of Rockstar Spirit Designs who inspired this post.  The creator of Rockstar designs, Holly Bahr Roberts, made me a glorious necklace last week.  She asked me, “What’s your motto?  What would you like it to say?”  Oh, the fun began!  My wheels started turning and love was the first word coming to mind.  The word peace followed and also consciousness.  In examining those 3 words together, I realized that peace is a byproduct of love and high level conscious thinking.  That’s my drive – to share and be love and interact with life from a positive, conscious place.  In being those things, I create more peace in my life which also extends out in the community around me.

“So, what about the suffix -ness?”, was the next part of my internal dialogue.  I talk about conscious”ness” and find myself adding it onto other words (fun-ness, cooperative-ness,responsible-ness).  It’s because -ness is attached to words to form an abstract noun denoting quality and state.  That is why I like to add -ness to words.  It exemplifies and emphasizes that quality.  It’s being that thing.  I am love”ness” and conscious”ness”.  Therefore, the words on my necklace are ~

Love ~ Conscious ~ -Ness

Isn’t this an amazing necklace?!

What is your -Ness?  How do you want to exemplify who you are?  Consider making your own words.  Have fun with it!  Take words that are meaningful to you and add this suffix onto them.  Think about how you show that quality in your day-to-day life.  By defining it and adding your flair to it, you will find ways to be it more often.

Check out Holly’s amazing creations on Facebook!  Thank you Rockstar Spirit Designs for my necklace.

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Sun Roof Fun

It’s such a fun and inspiring Friday!  So, I’m here to share my excitement and silliness.  And hope you will share yours too:)

I allowed myself to sleep in just a wee little bit this morn.  I don’t get to sleep in over the weekend so today was my day to allow that.  I love sleep!   I had an easy, breezy go to the morning.  Taking all things in stride and preparing for my wonderful mid-morning appointment, I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee and put on fun, funky, and comfortable clothes for my Friday-funday.  There is something very freeing when allowing myself to be expressed through my clothing and accessories.  My creative juices were flowing~~~~~

I eventually got out of the house and no coat in tow as I was  ready for the temps to rise and the sun to shine.  I used car/drive time to pray and reflect, as well as do some breathing exercises.  In one singular appointment, I had great conversation… was reminded of being open and diverse… collaborated in the spirit of shared values/vision… conducted a nutritional consultation… and more!  And we could’ve kept conversing on and on and on.  That’s when you know you’re in, as they say, “good company”.  Who is they anyway?

After all that greatness, I got into my warm car with the sunshine in full effect.  The sunroof came open right away.  Whoooo-ey!  I basked in the joy of my drive home and literally let my inner joy out in the form of a small squeal.  That was followed by two more squeals each a little louder.  Next time, I’m going to make sure I’m pulled up next to a car with their windows down so they can think I’m a crazy person.  Well, that’s what I told myself.  We shall see.

I’m not letting go of the energy that’s carrying this sun roof fun day right along.  More great connections happening, this blog is being completed, and I’m going back out into the sunshine very soon!  Enjoy your Friday and make it fun.  Whatever that is for you!  Do tell!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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