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Keeping In Mind…


Taking care of yourself, is taking care of others around you.  There’s so many benefits of having a self-care routine that you’re committed to.  The ability to take care of and tend to others, is just one of those.  People who neglect themselves and fail to nurture their own well-being, are subject to deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem, and ultimately increased stress that wears them out.  Feelings of resentment more easily enter the equation at this point, and the desire to help take care of others is lost and becomes a burden.

Great news, Indy Holistic Hub is coming your way soon to support you in taking care you!  More on that later…

Practice asking this empowering question this week:

Why do I experience amazing benefits by taking care of me?

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Living On Live Food

By Audrey Barron

Welcome to my guest blogger, Audrey Barron!  Audrey is a Raw Food Chef, Educator, and multi-faceted Massage Therapist.  She is a healer by nature and her mission is to provide healing services and information to the community and to the world.  Audrey offers a very peaceful and inviting environment to her clients and knows how to meet people where they are at.  My goal in having guest bloggers visit us here is for you to get to know people impacting the well-being of the Indianapolis area through their work and life philosophies.  Here’s an article from Audrey that exemplifies a bit of that…

What does it mean to really LIVE your life?

Does it mean traveling, climbing tall mountains and checking off your “bucket list”?

Five years ago when I discovered something called Living Foods (or raw foods), I began a lifelong journey of healing, vibrant health and to love.  You might find it odd that a “diet” could lead you to healing and love – I know I personally didn’t expect much more than to feel physically healthy.

The term “raw” refers to the food not being heated above 118 degrees.   This “un”cooking” method allows you consume the food still brimming with living enzymes, nutrients and minerals that haven’t been damaged by high heat.  Your body is able to use every single morsel you put into your mouth to feed your cells and to sweep away toxins.  That’s really it in a tiny nutshell.   So, as you begin eating a diet of mostly living foods (I say if you can do at least 50% of your diet, you will see results) you start to see changes like more energy, weight melting off, better quality sleep, clearer skin, hair and nails stronger and even blood sugar balancing and cholesterol lowering.

My version of the Living Food diet consists of:

Raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, herbs and sea veggies.

To me, the true magic is not in the physical changes, although they are wonderful.  The true magic is when you begin to experience emotional and spiritual awakening.

As your body releases toxins and fat stored up from processed food, pharmaceuticals, soda, etc. you also begin to release stored emotional baggage.  Emotional turmoil is a form of energy.  If we don’t process it and release it when it happens, it will be stored in the body.  When you release this negative energy, you leave space and when you are eating high vibration foods, that space can easily be filled with positive emotions, love, confidence, forgiveness, etc.  Whatever it is for you.  For me, I would (and still do) experience spontaneous fits of joy at random times – just so blissfully happy to be alive and be there in that moment – even sometimes in traffic!  To me, this is a true miracle.  And when I began to feel this good, I knew I always wanted to feel the vibrant health and wellbeing.  So, yes I love to travel, experience new people and places, but to me true LIVING is being able to be just as blissfully happy in my back yard as I am hiking a beautiful mountain:)  Food isn’t everything, but when you eat natural, organic and fresh plants, it can open the gates to a world of vibrant health and a blissful life!

Well stated Audrey!  Learn more about her services at  She is full of healthful and vibrant information.  Much appreciation for her!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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