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Celebrating Humanity

The Olympics are so fun and also humbling.  I love the gymnastics, swimming, and running!!  We have watched as much as we can thus far in my household.  I admire even more that the Olympics brings together people from all over the world to compete and celebrate our nations.  You see humanity from a perspective of diversity and sameness.  Diversity in that we come from different cultures and backgrounds, Olympians are many shapes and sizes, there’s a range of personalities and preparedness.  The sameness is shown through a desire to win, the proud energy of achievement, celebration, and a desire to be part of something bigger than self.  I’ve heard so many times the Olympians comment about their team and representing their nation.  They realize it’s not only about them.  Imagine the impact!

~ Cultural pride ~

~ They compete and then congratulate ~

How can we make all our days olympic days?  Perhaps start by recognizing as human beings we all have innate needs and desires in common.  We appreciate the wins and being acknowledged.  It’s empowering to be part of something bigger.  And when we can foster that at home, work, and within our community each day, we are making strides… and celebrating humanity!

Celebrate here by commenting and sharing your olympic day 🙂

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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