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Mastery of Observation

Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book The Mastery Of Love:

“…we become masters of jealousy, masters of sadness, masters of self-rejection.  All of our drama and suffering is by practice.  We make an agreement with ourselves, and we practice that agreement until it becomes a whole mastery.”

The thing is we do not always do this consciously, with awareness.  This jealousy, sadness, and self-rejection becomes an automatic reaction for us because it has somehow served and protected us in the past.

As we hastily judge our everyday experiences, we beckon forward these reactions.  We consistently judge what’s going on in our life and this sometimes encourages us and other times deflates us.

What about practicing something different today?  A different mastery?  Begin playing the role of an aware observer in your magnificent life. 

Bruce D. Schneider shares a way to practice being your observer in Life Just Is.  Take 2 minutes and read it NOW.

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Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin