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School Is In Session

Synergy Coaching Principle:   We are all Teachers and Students. 

You may have a strong propensity for learning, gaining new information, and finding answers.   Maybe you love being a facilitator, sharing knowledge, and leading the way.  In either case, you are both a teacher and a student.  As people come into your life, you fill both of these roles and they do as well.  We learn more of who we are and our capabilities in relationships.

Let’s use this as an example:

You have a child who is demanding of time and requires a lot of attention.  In turn, the parent learns patience and new ways to balance and prioritize.  They’re surprisingly creative in their solutions!  In relationship, the child has taught them that.  The parent is a student of patience and balance.  And the child is learning from them independence, responsibility, and boundaries.  The parent is also the teacher.

Begin seeing yourself as the Teacher and Student in each of your relationships.  It will help you grow and realize that everyday and in all moments, school is in session.

~~~ Tell us your lessons!  ~~~

Chalk board

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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By George!

Every week I await the moment of inspiration that then comes to life in my blog.  It is sometimes brought on by a book, personal experience, or conversation.  This week it is a conversation.  I had a friend say to me, I think we are here to be curious.  I really loved and appreciated that statement and it resonated through the week.  As I sat down to write about curiosity, I had the sense that I’ve written about this before.  Turns out I did 2 years ago.  So, its due time to revisit this. 🙂

We are naturally curious beings.  Our minds search for answers to questions.  That’s the power of coaching and the process of deep, far-reaching questions.  It stretches your curiosity to consider the possibilities.  In asking another individual this week, “How are you not fulfilling your purpose right now?”  They responded by saying, “I’ve never been asked that before.”  She became immediately curious about this question, looking for answers.


And as I shared a tip in Curiosity Feeds Passion, my writing from 2 years ago, I do so again:

Being curious:  At the top of a piece of paper write out these few questions.  Then, allow the answers to emerge through the next week.  Make note of your ah-ha’s.

  • Why is life so intriguing to me?
  • Why am I so naturally curious about __?  (you fill in the blank!)
  • How are my gifts beneficial to the world around me?

Please share what you discover!  

Curiously yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Our Art Filled Life

This is going to be an artsy post today… thought-provoking and creative.  I’ve been inspired by one of my favorite coaching principles…

The world is a perceptual illusion.

Eyeball with colorful iris

Each one of us is a perceptual being.  We think, feel, and take action based on our perceptions.  Accordingly, our experience is created through the illusion.

How many artist are on this earth?  All these perceptions, illusion, and creative force… no wonder things can seem wonky sometimes.

Human Minds

Being reminded of this principle, I have seen people experiencing deep joy by owning their perceptions as they artfully brush the canvas of life.   The world is an experience.  It is a big piece of artwork.  You could liken it to an amusement park.  Sometimes you are laughing and in other moments feeling a little nausea from its ups and downs.

What world are you painting today?

Colorful girl with dandelion

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Greener Pastures

We’ve all heard it – the grass is always greener on the other side.  So, when we’re green with envy, the common solution is to focus on what’s positive or good in your own life.  But what about the cause of this grass is always greener syndrome?  It helps to understand where this stems from.

Green with Envy Bananas

Being green with envy will drive you bananas!

Our assumptions and comparisons about life create this green craze.  Very early on we pick out shiny objects that we dream about.  Shiny objects are things, people, situations, and circumstances.  It’s the ideal image of our life.  Here’s the thing… we forget to update that image as we grow up.   A teenager who swoons over hot cowboys, could be disappointed later when her husband is not the wood-chopping type.  The jet setter whose going to make a million their first year out of school finds themselves having settled for a middle-class suburban lifestyle.  Now, they are both looking at what was supposed to be and comparing their current situation with the past shiny objects.  They are blocked from creating room for newer shiny objects.  What might they be missing?

Next time you’re looking at the grass on the other side, ask yourself what old assumptions and shiny objects may be distracting you.  Then, remember to do an update and expand your shiny objects list with some of the greatness in your life NOW!  (And there is always something.)

Oh, by the way… when the teenager did this, one of her new shiny objects was a husband who’s great at homework with the kids and in an interesting turn this fostered greater romance in their lives.  And the jet setter discovered a shiny small business venture that built into a billion dollar corporation over 5 years.  Just to name a couple…

Synergistically Yours!

Jenn Seffrin

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It’s off to work we go!    Music Notes

Seven dwarfs

As the 7 dwarfs show us, work is what we came here to earth to do.  We came here to have  a set of experiences and those experiences are the outer and inner work going on through us.  The work includes our jobs, roles, relationships, activities, and becoming aware of our greatness.  I love how the dwarfs here exemplify so well the many reactions we can have towards our life’s work.  How do you relate to Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, and Doc?

Our work is shaped by our perspective and the energy we surround it with.  Often times the word “work” is associated with our job and career path.  And we let the j-o-b drain us so much.  Thus sayings such as TGIF and Hump Day.  We’re counting down the days for the work week to be over and celebrate it’s passing.   Our perspective towards our job can be anabolic or catabolic.  You get to choose!  If you’re spending time approaching things with catabolic energy, you’ll be able to relate to Sleepy, Grouchy, and some of that Dopey.  With an anabolic perspective, you’ll be fast friends with Happy and that all-knowing Doc.

I like to think of my many experiences as my Life’s Work.  Part of my Life’s Work is a career path.   This looks different for everyone but we all have jobs to do.  The experience of a job is purposeful in its design.  It pulls us into the dynamics of the world around us so we can become more aware of our greatness!  How would things be different for you if this was your perspective?

Hey honey, I’m gonna go become more aware of my greatness.  See you at 5:00.

Your Life’s Work includes the career, roles & responsibilities, relationships, activities and so on.  Your Life’s Work ultimately is to realize the divine greatness that is you.

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Prosper In The Possibilities

Happy 2013 to all!  I surely hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season.  Have you prepared yourself for what’s next in your life and 2013? 

I went deep within to get a sense of what 2013 was going to be about and got this sense of great Prosperity.  For me, life is prosperous in so many ways and I am grateful for that.  The sense of prosperity that I got was a bit more expansive and well-rounded in all areas of life.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  So, I can’t wait to see what all transpires!  The other thing I’ve placed as a priority in my 2013 flow is having fun with it all.

Propsperity + Fun = a Glorious 2013

I got “back to work” on January 2nd.  I cleaned up the office, organized, and placed up my new calendar gifted to me from my sister, Becca.  I love my new calendar designed by Brush Dance.  Just click the image below to check out the website.

Quote by Emily Dickinson

Quote by Emily Dickinson

This image is the January insert from my new calendar.  Possibility is the perfect word to go along with Prosperity!  Belief in the possibilities of life is a strong suit of mine.  So, it will really help support the expansion of prosperity in its many forms, I’m sure.  I commit to sharing with you all the possibilities that emerge and ways to prosper in 2013!

Post below and share with us your power words, mantra, vision, etc. for 2013.  I know I’d love to hear!  Also, please share this blog with someone who would enjoy the message and let’s build a prosperous, supportive community.

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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