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Inanimate Cooperation

The level of energy that we approach anything with, changes our experience with it.  My mini-case study in point…

I was organizing through a lot of paperwork this week.  It included flipping through many pages of paper and removing many, many staples.  I did this on 3 different days.  The first day I approached it I quickly flipped through the pages and I attacked those staples with the intent, “You’re coming out one way or another!”  My hands were dry, splotchy, and fingertips were slightly sore by the end.

The second day I began and soon realized the competitive and combative energy I was approaching this with.  I decided a different approach.  I became one with the staples, knowing we are connected through energy.  My mantra shifted to cooperation and I said to the staples, “Ease and effortlessness.”  Simply that and the experience changed on the 2nd and 3rd day.  My hands were not agitated and the staple removal was with ease.  The other kicker, I got through it just as quickly even though I wasn’t approaching it as a race.  Hmmm…

How can you do conduct your own experiment? 

Please share your findings here so I may submit them to the Inanimate Cooperation Scientific Journal 😉

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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