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By George!

Every week I await the moment of inspiration that then comes to life in my blog.  It is sometimes brought on by a book, personal experience, or conversation.  This week it is a conversation.  I had a friend say to me, I think we are here to be curious.  I really loved and appreciated that statement and it resonated through the week.  As I sat down to write about curiosity, I had the sense that I’ve written about this before.  Turns out I did 2 years ago.  So, its due time to revisit this. 🙂

We are naturally curious beings.  Our minds search for answers to questions.  That’s the power of coaching and the process of deep, far-reaching questions.  It stretches your curiosity to consider the possibilities.  In asking another individual this week, “How are you not fulfilling your purpose right now?”  They responded by saying, “I’ve never been asked that before.”  She became immediately curious about this question, looking for answers.


And as I shared a tip in Curiosity Feeds Passion, my writing from 2 years ago, I do so again:

Being curious:  At the top of a piece of paper write out these few questions.  Then, allow the answers to emerge through the next week.  Make note of your ah-ha’s.

  • Why is life so intriguing to me?
  • Why am I so naturally curious about __?  (you fill in the blank!)
  • How are my gifts beneficial to the world around me?

Please share what you discover!  

Curiously yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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