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What is your Boldness?

This idea of being “bold” starting emerging from the fog at the end of 2011 for me.  I have carried it into 2012 and decidedly defined what it means for me.  It is as follows:

To Be Me – Sharing my beliefs, awareness, and expertise no matter what another’s mindset is.  Saying what it is I have to share without filter and from a heartfelt place.  Knowing that there is greatness in all thoughts and perspectives.

I then came across a marvelous blog post from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching today.  I have to direct you there as it is very insightful and can help you to connect to Your Boldness!  Sound good?  Make sure you pay attention to the 6 powerful questions towards the end.  They’re good ones!  I’m definitely going to utilize them.

Check out the post here!

“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

A Year to Review and a Year to Preview

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season.  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I wanted to say “Happy Year & Happy New Year!”

As you prepare for this celebration, look back at 2011 and cherish how it has served you.  Recognize what you have learned about yourself, your community, the world, and universe.  Know that those learnings will be with you in 2012.  You can write them down as a reminder to yourself and review them monthly so they may support your ongoing development.  Also, take a moment to recognize areas you fell short or didn’t live in alignment with your values.  Recognize them and LET THEM GO.  You can choose not to live with that baggage in tow for 2012 and deciding that before the 1st allows for a cleansed palate.  How to do this:

  1. Write these things down,
  2. Literally tell yourself out loud that those things are not the present or future,
  3. Then rip up the paper and throw it away.
  4. Note: If those things creep up, remind yourself that you let them go and why… they are not the present or future.

Then look forward to 2012 and create your vision.  What is your personal mission in the areas of:

  1. Family
  2. Career
  3. Spirituality
  4. Personal Development
  5. Health and Well-being
  6. Relationships
  7. Social/Fun
  8. Finance

You can journal this, pray or meditate around it, talk about it with a friend or significant other, or however you choose.  Then, celebrate and have a fun New Year’s Eve!  Be safe, be well, and love those you are with.

Synergistically Yours Now and in 2012~

Jenn Seffrin