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Greener Pastures

We’ve all heard it – the grass is always greener on the other side.  So, when we’re green with envy, the common solution is to focus on what’s positive or good in your own life.  But what about the cause of this grass is always greener syndrome?  It helps to understand where this stems from.

Green with Envy Bananas

Being green with envy will drive you bananas!

Our assumptions and comparisons about life create this green craze.  Very early on we pick out shiny objects that we dream about.  Shiny objects are things, people, situations, and circumstances.  It’s the ideal image of our life.  Here’s the thing… we forget to update that image as we grow up.   A teenager who swoons over hot cowboys, could be disappointed later when her husband is not the wood-chopping type.  The jet setter whose going to make a million their first year out of school finds themselves having settled for a middle-class suburban lifestyle.  Now, they are both looking at what was supposed to be and comparing their current situation with the past shiny objects.  They are blocked from creating room for newer shiny objects.  What might they be missing?

Next time you’re looking at the grass on the other side, ask yourself what old assumptions and shiny objects may be distracting you.  Then, remember to do an update and expand your shiny objects list with some of the greatness in your life NOW!  (And there is always something.)

Oh, by the way… when the teenager did this, one of her new shiny objects was a husband who’s great at homework with the kids and in an interesting turn this fostered greater romance in their lives.  And the jet setter discovered a shiny small business venture that built into a billion dollar corporation over 5 years.  Just to name a couple…

Synergistically Yours!

Jenn Seffrin

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Turn Your Pet Peeve Into A Reprieve

One definition of reprieve is to relieve temporarily from any evil.  Oh what a good word to highlight my thoughts for today!  Everyone has pet peeves.  It’s those great moments when someone or something just annoys the you-know-what out of you.   Our triggers may differ from person to person but the experience is much the same.  And as we allow these pet peeves to develop and grow over time, they can blow up.  You may even find yourself reacting in such a way that one would think you are literally combatting evil.

So, let’s lighten the load a bit.  When you let an annoyance get you all worked up, you are only creating misery for yourself.  And you can take this moment to learn, grow, and be thankful for the great qualities you possess instead.

The Strategy:  As the evilness of a pet peeve begins to rise up, take a reprieve.

How To Take a Reprieve:

Say to yourself, “This person/situation is not evil”, and smile remembering the above picture 🙂

Reflect back on what is truly annoying you about the situation.  How is this not aligning with what you value?

Identify how you can improve that quality within yourself.  And be grateful that you possess that ability.

Warning:  You may discover more happiness and appreciation!

Just remember, if you start to boil up inside because of a pet peeve, you don’t have to allow it to disrupt your day.  You have likely been the peeve to someone’s pet, right?  And you are not evil!  So, lighten up and focus on what creates enjoyment for you.

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Sow, Sow, Sow Your Seeds

I really, really love my messages from The Universe created by!  They are my absolute favorite and the one thing I make sure to read each day.  They are short messages that take 2 seconds to read and boost inspiration into the day.  Their philosophies and perspective I adore.  They remind me of the greatness within and the miraculous way life operates.  This week I held onto Wednesday’s message.  It was,

 Take it from the farmer in me, Jennifer

The more seeds you sow , the more plants we’ll grow.

I love wearing overalls,

The Universe

Cute, right?!  So, I’ve been sowing and looking forward to what sprouts up in my garden.  (to the tune of Row, row, row your boat)  Sow, sow, sow your seeds.  Gently as you till.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, blooms are ’bout to flow~~~  Add into this song a bit of patience, care, and exploration and you’re on your way to creating all kinds of possibilities…I mean plants 🙂 

The patience keeps you centered and appreciative for what you have now.  It keeps you from being discouraged so you allow your energy to keep on sowing seeds. 

The care fosters the plants as they take root and ongoing attention allows it to flourish and spread!

The exploration allows your curious thoughts, ideas, and insights to play in the garden.  In a literal sense take those inspirations and talk about them with a friend or colleague, research them, and let your mind run with them for a while.  See what takes root! 

Alrighty, I’m going merrily about my day now.  I hope to hear a tune, or two, from you!

Synergistically farming,

Jenn Seffrin

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Standing In Truth

Lately, I’ve been in many conversations talking about “grassroots” efforts.  What is this about?  I see two components to this.  One is about a sense of connection and being part of something.  The other is very individualized and about standing in ones truth.    These collective and individual components mold together and create grassroots movements.  It’s about understanding what’s most important to you and an ability to walk your talk along with others.  Creating shifts in our actions as a community and as a world, begins with individuals.  It’s a determination.  It’s a decision and choice in the truth you want to live and not waiting on someone else to do that for you.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 

~Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist

Truth is power and it resides within each person.  Understanding it and doing something with it is up to you.  If you want to stand in your truth and be part of a grassroots movement, see if you answer “Yes” to each of the following questions:

Can you speak openly and honestly with your friends about your beliefs in life?

Do you seek out and surround yourself by people who stretch you?

Do you feel like you’re an important part of something?


Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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The Feng Shui Mind

I like things to be streamlined and organized in my home – not too much decor, knick knacks, and the like.  It feels good when items are put in place and you know where to get them and place them back.  That feeling is the flow of energy, or qi (chi), as stated in Feng Shui.  It seems like keeping things in order should be easy and by golly it sneaks up and catches me – piles of clothes waiting to be put up, dirty dishes in sink, and general items sitting out with no “home”.  Sometimes it’s just about getting caught up on these things and other times it’s the head junk that gets in the way.   I don’t like putting up laundry.  There isn’t a good place for this.  I’ll do that later… and later… and later.

I know that clutter in the home creates energetic blocks – within our home itself, our minds, and overall personal energy.  I experience it and as per the website and their article Key Design Ideas To Improve Your Lifestyle :

By clearing your space, you allow your home to breathe and create this vital circulation space…thereby creating a sense of freedom and sensation to grow, allowing you to achieve your goals.

So how do we fung shui our thoughts along with our home?  I’m happy to share mine:)  As I merrily unpacked right away from a recent trip (something I normally resist and put off), I realized my state of mind was different.  I was choosing to restore my space and it felt great.  aaHa!  The word chore has a whole new meaning for me now.  Look at how this word breaks up into two components perfectly.

“cho” = Choice    “res” = Restore

My chores are now choices to restore!  I feng shui’d my mind a little bit and now my house a lot more.

I am by no means a feng shui expert.  My approach in the past has been a book sitting in my living room in hopes that my house would absorb the knowledge by osmosis.  Share your feng shui tips with us or ways in which de-cluttering and organizing work for you!

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Inanimate Cooperation

The level of energy that we approach anything with, changes our experience with it.  My mini-case study in point…

I was organizing through a lot of paperwork this week.  It included flipping through many pages of paper and removing many, many staples.  I did this on 3 different days.  The first day I approached it I quickly flipped through the pages and I attacked those staples with the intent, “You’re coming out one way or another!”  My hands were dry, splotchy, and fingertips were slightly sore by the end.

The second day I began and soon realized the competitive and combative energy I was approaching this with.  I decided a different approach.  I became one with the staples, knowing we are connected through energy.  My mantra shifted to cooperation and I said to the staples, “Ease and effortlessness.”  Simply that and the experience changed on the 2nd and 3rd day.  My hands were not agitated and the staple removal was with ease.  The other kicker, I got through it just as quickly even though I wasn’t approaching it as a race.  Hmmm…

How can you do conduct your own experiment? 

Please share your findings here so I may submit them to the Inanimate Cooperation Scientific Journal 😉

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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A Love Of Uncertainty

I missed you all last Friday on my typical blogging day.  If you remember from an earlier post of mine, there was a Transformational Breath Workshop this weekend.  I attended both Friday evening and all day Saturday – phenomenal!  The Law of Detachment was my work over the weekend.  As stated in Deepak Chopra’s book:

In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty…in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning.  And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe. 

Indianapolis folks, go to Irvington Wellness Center on Sunday evenings to experience this breathwork.  There is a fabulous teacher there, Lynn Tisza.  The healing ability of our breath, along with deep peace and relaxation, is amazing.

Talk to you again on Friday!  And always Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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