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Our Art Filled Life

This is going to be an artsy post today… thought-provoking and creative.  I’ve been inspired by one of my favorite coaching principles…

The world is a perceptual illusion.

Eyeball with colorful iris

Each one of us is a perceptual being.  We think, feel, and take action based on our perceptions.  Accordingly, our experience is created through the illusion.

How many artist are on this earth?  All these perceptions, illusion, and creative force… no wonder things can seem wonky sometimes.

Human Minds

Being reminded of this principle, I have seen people experiencing deep joy by owning their perceptions as they artfully brush the canvas of life.   The world is an experience.  It is a big piece of artwork.  You could liken it to an amusement park.  Sometimes you are laughing and in other moments feeling a little nausea from its ups and downs.

What world are you painting today?

Colorful girl with dandelion

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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2 Types of Energy – Revealed!

Last week I talked about your energy drain or gain.  I told you the two kinds of energy that impact this drain or gain response are not positive or negative.  So, what are they?  Here they are:

Anabolic energy – This is momentum building energy.  It is creative and steady-flowing allowing you to feel uplifted and inspired.  An actual anabolic process is the growth of our muscles and bones.

Catabolic energy – This is an energy flow that quickly depletes you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  A catabolic process is the stress reaction we have within our body.

The energy you operate within can actually inspire you into action or cause you to retreat and hide.  Not only does it have a mental/emotional impact on you, it also has a physical impact on your body and it’s ability to heal.  Our bodies are more and more recognized as an energetic  network, a system that is not only biological but also spiritual.  With that, it is ever more important to take a holistic approach to your well-being.

Our bodies tell us when it’s energy is being depleted and needing extra care.  The modern day problem is we don’t pay attention or we fight through it, rather than care to it.   These indicators are such things as:

   Being down.      Tightness and soreness.        

Feeling tired.     Knowing something is off or out of place.              

       Extra stressed.       Becoming “under the weather“.              

Depressed.   Unclear thinking.                                

     Problems with focus.   

And on!                                                                           

So, take care of yourself right away.  Ignoring and waiting has deeper implications.  Let’s have a society who cares about human beings!  That starts with you caring for yourself.  Pay attention to the warning bells and implement a self-care plan.

What does it mean to have a self-care plan?  That…next week!

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Living On Live Food

By Audrey Barron

Welcome to my guest blogger, Audrey Barron!  Audrey is a Raw Food Chef, Educator, and multi-faceted Massage Therapist.  She is a healer by nature and her mission is to provide healing services and information to the community and to the world.  Audrey offers a very peaceful and inviting environment to her clients and knows how to meet people where they are at.  My goal in having guest bloggers visit us here is for you to get to know people impacting the well-being of the Indianapolis area through their work and life philosophies.  Here’s an article from Audrey that exemplifies a bit of that…

What does it mean to really LIVE your life?

Does it mean traveling, climbing tall mountains and checking off your “bucket list”?

Five years ago when I discovered something called Living Foods (or raw foods), I began a lifelong journey of healing, vibrant health and to love.  You might find it odd that a “diet” could lead you to healing and love – I know I personally didn’t expect much more than to feel physically healthy.

The term “raw” refers to the food not being heated above 118 degrees.   This “un”cooking” method allows you consume the food still brimming with living enzymes, nutrients and minerals that haven’t been damaged by high heat.  Your body is able to use every single morsel you put into your mouth to feed your cells and to sweep away toxins.  That’s really it in a tiny nutshell.   So, as you begin eating a diet of mostly living foods (I say if you can do at least 50% of your diet, you will see results) you start to see changes like more energy, weight melting off, better quality sleep, clearer skin, hair and nails stronger and even blood sugar balancing and cholesterol lowering.

My version of the Living Food diet consists of:

Raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, herbs and sea veggies.

To me, the true magic is not in the physical changes, although they are wonderful.  The true magic is when you begin to experience emotional and spiritual awakening.

As your body releases toxins and fat stored up from processed food, pharmaceuticals, soda, etc. you also begin to release stored emotional baggage.  Emotional turmoil is a form of energy.  If we don’t process it and release it when it happens, it will be stored in the body.  When you release this negative energy, you leave space and when you are eating high vibration foods, that space can easily be filled with positive emotions, love, confidence, forgiveness, etc.  Whatever it is for you.  For me, I would (and still do) experience spontaneous fits of joy at random times – just so blissfully happy to be alive and be there in that moment – even sometimes in traffic!  To me, this is a true miracle.  And when I began to feel this good, I knew I always wanted to feel the vibrant health and wellbeing.  So, yes I love to travel, experience new people and places, but to me true LIVING is being able to be just as blissfully happy in my back yard as I am hiking a beautiful mountain:)  Food isn’t everything, but when you eat natural, organic and fresh plants, it can open the gates to a world of vibrant health and a blissful life!

Well stated Audrey!  Learn more about her services at  She is full of healthful and vibrant information.  Much appreciation for her!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Touch of Life

I am inspired by the ripple effect of life.  You never know how you may impact another persons day, week, or life journey.  Don’t ever think your actions don’t matter or that you didn’t help that much.  The greatest blessings are beyond our immediate awareness.  Your actions, energy, and essence expand beyond…

Upon finding out about the show Touch, I knew I would likely want to blog about it and here we are.  The show’s leading character is played by Kiefer Sutherland.  He said that when reading the script he was drawn right in.   Although he didn’t think he was ready to do another television series, he knew this message was important.  Keifer said he wants to do work that is meaningful and for him that is Touch.  Below, describes the essence of the show.  (essence is the word of the day:)

Directly from the Fox website – Blending science, spirituality and emotion, the series will follow seemingly unrelated people all over the world whose lives affect each other in ways seen and unseen, known and unknown. 

I watched the pilot and was encouraged by the beauty of the dynamics at play.  It connects the world together in a way that you feel responsible for all people, near and far.  It shows challenge and issues and great blessings blossoming from them.  It encourages you to embrace children even more and cherish the special gifts they’re here to share.  It demonstrates acceptance and expands consciousness.  And rather than go on and on about it, I want to encourage you to take time and watch the pilot show.   There’s a great defining moment at the end and you have to watch it to fully understand.  You can find it at for the next couple weeks.

Take time to be inspired. 

     Watch the show. 

            It will touch your life. 

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Book: The Mastery of Love

Today I share a wonderous book I recently finished reading.  It is The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.  A great parallel to the coaching process, Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions  that we develop while growing up in this world.  His perspective is unique and comes from his ancestral roots in rural Mexico.  He is a nagual (shaman) dedicated to sharing the teachings of the ancient Toltec.

In the book, Ruiz explains how our fears undermine love and our loving relationships.  He opens you up to ways of healing these emotional wounds and places you at the force of your life so that anything is possible.

Ruiz is poetic and stretches your mind to open up.  I appreciate this book so much in the way it causes you to think.  I found myself not always fully agreeing, but then considering “what if?”, and figuring out how it fits into my life right now.  That’s the power!  When we stretch our minds in any way, any area of life, we’re encouraged to think for ourselves.  To be our power!  Here is a beautiful taste of what Ruiz has to say:

“The heart is in direct communion with the human soul, and when the heart speaks, even with the resistance of the head, something inside you changes; your heart opens another heart, and true love is possible.”  (pg. 190, The Mastery of Love)

If you have the book, look up the passage.  If you have the book and haven’t read it, maybe now is the time.  Go find it and share with me your reflections.

In Peace and Blessings this Holiday Season~

Always Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

Coming Attractions

A long time friend of mine was at a recent event and happened to meet a new (and dear!) acquaintance of mine, named Jenn.  Those Jenn’s are good ones! 😉  When I placed two and two together, realizing they had the pleasure of meeting, I thought of the song and common statement, “It’s a small, small world.”

What is it about these common connections?  It’s fun and exciting to me when so and so, knows so and so.  Or when I meet a person and we realize we know some of the same people.  It feels comforting.  And it’s more than just being part of a “small world”.

Our relationships are energy.  When we have these synchronistic encounters, the mystical and expansive universe is telling us something.  What?  Well, that’s up to you to determine.  The energy we place out into the world attracts other energy.  When you experience these synchronistic encounters, consider what you are attracting.  What is the universe sharing with you? 

By looking a little closer and deeper, you may find shiny new nuggets that add passion and fun to your every day.  Try it!  Don’t just accept what’s commonly said or held to be true.  Is it a small world or are you attracting?

Pay attention to the coming attractions in your life!  Please come back and tell me all about it.

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

Mastery of Observation

Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book The Mastery Of Love:

“…we become masters of jealousy, masters of sadness, masters of self-rejection.  All of our drama and suffering is by practice.  We make an agreement with ourselves, and we practice that agreement until it becomes a whole mastery.”

The thing is we do not always do this consciously, with awareness.  This jealousy, sadness, and self-rejection becomes an automatic reaction for us because it has somehow served and protected us in the past.

As we hastily judge our everyday experiences, we beckon forward these reactions.  We consistently judge what’s going on in our life and this sometimes encourages us and other times deflates us.

What about practicing something different today?  A different mastery?  Begin playing the role of an aware observer in your magnificent life. 

Bruce D. Schneider shares a way to practice being your observer in Life Just Is.  Take 2 minutes and read it NOW.

Share your thoughts and realizations down below!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin