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H.O.T. spells hot.  And yes, it certainly describes our summer right now!  But I’m chanting a different tune today –  H.O.T. is for hop on track!  Hop on track where the rubber meets the road.

That saying, where the rubber meets the road, is about taking action.  When you take action you are able to move forward and toward the life you desire.  It creates turning points where you are continually seeing different possibilities and ways of doing things.  Setting intentions and visualizing are impactful components to creating that emotional pull and inspiration.  Hopping on track then lets you live it out in your every day experience.

Take action with what you know right now.  There is no exact roadmap with the perfect course plotted out before you get started.  What does it take to H.O.T?   How about trying on courage and a learning attitude.  To step into your courage, reflect back to that intention and vision I spoke of above.  Connect with how it feels to have that.  And imagine your response when it comes with ease and a touch of fun.  With a learning attitude there is no success or failure.  Upon taking action, you will gain new understanding and clarity to help guide your next action steps.   You will have those continual turning points where you eagerly look around the corner at what’s next.  Just keep looking and turning.

So, let this summertime heat be a continual reminder of H.O.T.  It does require action, but it does not require you to sweat. 🙂

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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