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Soaking Up Life

Our lives are shaped by so many external influences from the moment we enter into this world.  Children are like sponges, taking everything in.  They listen to their parents, get lost in television shows, and are shaped by their experience at school, church, and other organizations.  As a child, you absorbed all those influences as your own and likely didn’t challenge the engrained beliefs.   We don’t give ourselves a break, at times, for all the years we have absorbed and adjusted to the world around us.

Take time this week to be like a sponge again.  What new wisdom and insight do you have about life?  Consider what your passions are and soak up the beliefs and philosophies that support them.  Remember that your wiser, adult self knows what’s best for you.  You get to decide now, what rules you live by.

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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