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Building Supportive Community

I’m impressed to see as I’m mixing about Indianapolis there are many twenty somethings placing themselves in the midst of it all.  I see them in circles focused on spirituality, social change, entrepreneurism, networking, life coaching and more.  It’s encouraging to see Indy moving and growing.  There are people looking for like-mindedness and shared passion.  There’s more and more for people to tap into depending on their interests and no matter their age!  community peg board

Going back to those twenty somethings – a new online community has emerged geared towards this crowd.  It is   As described on the website,

twentysomething Indy is an online magazine for the savvy and professional twenty-something crowd located in or around Indianapolis. New content is added weekly and covers entertainment, style, food & dining, and professional and home life.

After talking with the founder of twentysomething Indy, Sarah Eutsler, about her goals and what her audience is experiencing, I wrote an article titled Quarter-Life Crisis Be Gone for her online magazine.  Please check it out and Sarah’s growing efforts!  Share with someone who would appreciate it.  Also, if you are looking for a like-minded group and don’t know where to look, let me know and I will help you find what you’re looking for:)

Here’s to a supportive Indy community!  And here’s to!

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Our Art Filled Life

This is going to be an artsy post today… thought-provoking and creative.  I’ve been inspired by one of my favorite coaching principles…

The world is a perceptual illusion.

Eyeball with colorful iris

Each one of us is a perceptual being.  We think, feel, and take action based on our perceptions.  Accordingly, our experience is created through the illusion.

How many artist are on this earth?  All these perceptions, illusion, and creative force… no wonder things can seem wonky sometimes.

Human Minds

Being reminded of this principle, I have seen people experiencing deep joy by owning their perceptions as they artfully brush the canvas of life.   The world is an experience.  It is a big piece of artwork.  You could liken it to an amusement park.  Sometimes you are laughing and in other moments feeling a little nausea from its ups and downs.

What world are you painting today?

Colorful girl with dandelion

Synergistically yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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I have a vision – a vision that Indianapolis become known as a holistic hub.  One that is known around the country for its great holistic and integrative wellness professionals.  Where we are cutting edge and think ahead and beyond what we know right now.  A place of open-minded practitioners who are studying, researching, practicing, and being the optimal essence in holistic care and well-being.

I was just speaking about the Summer Olympics and find it interesting they occurred in this year of 2012.  A time in which many are feeling the ebb and flow of life and wondering what is next for humanity.  Many are striving to “transform” and consciously create the next phase.  Just as individually we feel the ebb and flow of our own experiences, there’s an ebb and flow to the collective experience of life.  An ebb and flow to the years, decades, centuries, and varied aspects of time.  When people come together in a collective experience, such as the Olympic games, miraculous things do occur.  It is in this collective power that I call out to holistic minded professionals in Indiana so we may ebb and flow together.

How do we become a holistic hub?  It starts by showing up.  As practitioners and service professionals it’s about being courageous and  sharing what you know.  It’s also about being the greatest of who you are, not only as a professional but also as an individual human being.  The community and individuals within deserve being taken care of with great love, support, and consideration.   These components create a win-win situation for all.  As we begin coming together and raising our voices, the community will discover helpful information and see the many approaches and possibilities to being well.  We will support people in finding their fit!

I share this because I know many of you are looking for your fit.  I am committing to bringing people together, sharing smart resources & information, as well as being the greatest practitioner (and human being) I can be.  I would love to hear from you!  What are you looking for?  How can the holistic hub be helpful to you?

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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H.O.T. spells hot.  And yes, it certainly describes our summer right now!  But I’m chanting a different tune today –  H.O.T. is for hop on track!  Hop on track where the rubber meets the road.

That saying, where the rubber meets the road, is about taking action.  When you take action you are able to move forward and toward the life you desire.  It creates turning points where you are continually seeing different possibilities and ways of doing things.  Setting intentions and visualizing are impactful components to creating that emotional pull and inspiration.  Hopping on track then lets you live it out in your every day experience.

Take action with what you know right now.  There is no exact roadmap with the perfect course plotted out before you get started.  What does it take to H.O.T?   How about trying on courage and a learning attitude.  To step into your courage, reflect back to that intention and vision I spoke of above.  Connect with how it feels to have that.  And imagine your response when it comes with ease and a touch of fun.  With a learning attitude there is no success or failure.  Upon taking action, you will gain new understanding and clarity to help guide your next action steps.   You will have those continual turning points where you eagerly look around the corner at what’s next.  Just keep looking and turning.

So, let this summertime heat be a continual reminder of H.O.T.  It does require action, but it does not require you to sweat. 🙂

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Inspired Action

I watched, for a second time, the movie The Secret.  The core message of the movie is about the law of attraction.  It’s always helpful to be reminded that like energy attracts like energy.  The thoughts and core beliefs that we buy into physically manifest into our lives.  It isn’t necessarily spontaneous and we may not realize it – that energy is constantly flowing.

I love the way Deepak Chopra explains in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success that a seed has the  hidden energy, or pure potential, to sprout several trees.  We also have many hidden energies that manifest all around us.  The law of attraction tells us, there are so many possibilities and opportunities in life, choose what you want.  That should be easy, right?  Remember, it’s our core beliefs and thoughts that are  attracting like energy.  What are your core thoughts and beliefs?  Are they all roses and rainbows?  We’ve all heard it said, “fake it til you make it.”  I say be inspired by the vision you have for life – your hopes, your dreams, your happiness.  Allow that vision to be your focus and be inspired to action!  When you focus on that vision of hope and happiness, then you will tap into those possibilities.  Pay attention to your intuition and creative thoughts.

Allow your excitement and heart to guide you in your inspired actions.

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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The Breath of Life

There are so many ways to address your well-being.  Exposure to new ways and opportunities to focus on self is great so you can determine the best fit for you.  There is no one-size-fits all.  So, try on different things, learn about multiple disciplines, and discover what you enjoy.  It is in that spirit, I highlight breathwork today!

I have had the privilege of working with a local practitioner of transformational breathwork.  In my sessions with Lynn Ruth, I experienced great calm, peace, and an awareness of my energy that I had not experienced before.  I literally felt my body pulsating.  I was aware of the energy rippling from me!  After each session, worries were washed away and I felt so thankful for the glories I did have in life.  Breathwork is a healing experience, an opportunity to focus on that essential mechanism of our body and allow it to do its natural work.  Our cells require oxygen to move, reproduce, and function.  That movement helps rid the body of toxins.  There is a lot of talk about the benefits of breathing fully for optimal health and stress-reduction.  Would you like to take a day to focus on those benefits for you?  Discover immediate results?  And connect to being well in mind ~ body ~ and spirit?

That time is here!  Lynn Ruth’s mentor and teacher,  Christian de la Huerta, is coming to Indianapolis to conduct a powerful workshop called Breathing Into Purpose.  Christian is an award-winning author, lecturer, group facilitator, and Master Breathworker. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your life purpose by going within and evaluating your life, actions, relationships, and activities. It can serve as a time to define, review, and clarify intentions.

If this sounds like something for you to “try on“, please join Christian on March 24th.  You can read his flyer by clicking here.

Share with us your experience with breathwork!  Post your thoughts and questions today:)

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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The “And Equation”

Not ‘versus’, but ‘and’.  Huh?… What is Jenn talking about?!  As I was just processing my thoughts and preparing to write  this entry that is what came to me, “It’s not ‘versus’, but ‘and’.”  Hold on and let me explain.

I started pitting Intentions and Flexibility against each other this week.  Unbeknownst to me initially and now I see that sneaky play in the game.  Give me the ball back – it’s my turn!

My play is practicing Intentions and Flexibility.

Does some of this seem familiar to you?

  • Work vs. Family
  • Fitness vs. Time
  • Fun vs. Household project
  • Responsibility vs. Relaxation

When we do this to ourselves, life is an ongoing competition and we are continually “losing” at something.  The reality is these all exist.  Life is about work AND family AND time AND so on.  When I realized I had created a power match between Intention vs. Flexibility, I reminded myself of the And Equation.

Intention is about aligning life with my values, passions, and purpose.  It’s creating goals personally and professionally from that and envisioning how that looks and feels.  It’s also about gaining focus and clarity on the steps along the way.  Flexibility is about being open to all possibilities and opportunities.  It’s realizing that things do not always work the way I plan in my mind and accepting things that seem uncertain.  I never know fully where a path is going to take me.  The more open I am, the more value I will gain.

So, back to practicing Intentions and Flexibility together.  We’re huddled to sketch out the game plan…  1.) Vision map posted and open to change,  2.) Schedule outlined and open to change,  3.) Weekly mantra posted and ready for more,  4.) Conscious of my energy and prepared for fluctuations,  5.)  Daily reflection of what emerges (expected and unexpected), 6.) Prayer and meditation and new support systems welcome.

I would love to know how you create Intention and Flexibility in your life!  Please do share.  It’s helpful to hear from others and to grow from your insight.  Pretty please share!

How do you practice Intention and Flexibility?

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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