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Indy Holistic Hub is here!

A personal vision coming to life… I am so pleased to announce Indy Holistic Hub is here!  Indy Holistic Hub is committed to the well-being of the Indianapolis community.  We provide smart resources and information, connecting people to professionals who respect them as a whole and support them being well in mind, body, and spirit.

Why Indy Holistic Hub?

Because I see an emergence right here in the Mid-west.  There are many individuals, businesses, and organizations invested in the greatness of our Indianapolis community.  I am passionate about holistic wellness, support, and inspiration.  As a natural connector, I see this as my calling.  We don’t have to go elsewhere to find people who are aware and committed to natural health, purposeful life, and well-being.  It is forging forward right here!  Indy Holistic Hub will be the bridge to local experts, cutting-edge information, and resources.

Please join us on Facebook at

Our Free Launch Event is Thursday, November 15th, at 7:00 p.m. ET.  This event is called Holiday Nourishment and will be conducted online and via conference call.  See all the details on our Facebook page above.

Let me know what you would like from Indy Holistic Hub!  Feel free to submit questions on our Facebook page and get responses from local experts.

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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2 Types of Energy – Revealed!

Last week I talked about your energy drain or gain.  I told you the two kinds of energy that impact this drain or gain response are not positive or negative.  So, what are they?  Here they are:

Anabolic energy – This is momentum building energy.  It is creative and steady-flowing allowing you to feel uplifted and inspired.  An actual anabolic process is the growth of our muscles and bones.

Catabolic energy – This is an energy flow that quickly depletes you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  A catabolic process is the stress reaction we have within our body.

The energy you operate within can actually inspire you into action or cause you to retreat and hide.  Not only does it have a mental/emotional impact on you, it also has a physical impact on your body and it’s ability to heal.  Our bodies are more and more recognized as an energetic  network, a system that is not only biological but also spiritual.  With that, it is ever more important to take a holistic approach to your well-being.

Our bodies tell us when it’s energy is being depleted and needing extra care.  The modern day problem is we don’t pay attention or we fight through it, rather than care to it.   These indicators are such things as:

   Being down.      Tightness and soreness.        

Feeling tired.     Knowing something is off or out of place.              

       Extra stressed.       Becoming “under the weather“.              

Depressed.   Unclear thinking.                                

     Problems with focus.   

And on!                                                                           

So, take care of yourself right away.  Ignoring and waiting has deeper implications.  Let’s have a society who cares about human beings!  That starts with you caring for yourself.  Pay attention to the warning bells and implement a self-care plan.

What does it mean to have a self-care plan?  That…next week!

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Find Your Fit

What does being well mean to you?  Last week I spoke about my vision of creating a holistic hub in Indianapolis.  At the heart of that is people being empowered with helpful information and smart resources so they may find their fit.  There is no one-size-fits-all to being well (or any area of life for that matter).  All people deserve handy information, connections, and resources to figure out what makes sense for them.  Our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences shape our perspective, including what it means to be well.  Making a decision that resonates with you is important to discovering results.

Ask yourself this empowering question throughout the next week:

How am I fit and full of well-being?

Just ask and allow yourself to begin searching for the answer.  Ask many times each day!  The key is opening your mind ~ body ~ and soul to the possibilities.  So, do not force an answer, let it emerge…

How am I fit and full of well-being?

Cheers to finding your fit!

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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I have a vision – a vision that Indianapolis become known as a holistic hub.  One that is known around the country for its great holistic and integrative wellness professionals.  Where we are cutting edge and think ahead and beyond what we know right now.  A place of open-minded practitioners who are studying, researching, practicing, and being the optimal essence in holistic care and well-being.

I was just speaking about the Summer Olympics and find it interesting they occurred in this year of 2012.  A time in which many are feeling the ebb and flow of life and wondering what is next for humanity.  Many are striving to “transform” and consciously create the next phase.  Just as individually we feel the ebb and flow of our own experiences, there’s an ebb and flow to the collective experience of life.  An ebb and flow to the years, decades, centuries, and varied aspects of time.  When people come together in a collective experience, such as the Olympic games, miraculous things do occur.  It is in this collective power that I call out to holistic minded professionals in Indiana so we may ebb and flow together.

How do we become a holistic hub?  It starts by showing up.  As practitioners and service professionals it’s about being courageous and  sharing what you know.  It’s also about being the greatest of who you are, not only as a professional but also as an individual human being.  The community and individuals within deserve being taken care of with great love, support, and consideration.   These components create a win-win situation for all.  As we begin coming together and raising our voices, the community will discover helpful information and see the many approaches and possibilities to being well.  We will support people in finding their fit!

I share this because I know many of you are looking for your fit.  I am committing to bringing people together, sharing smart resources & information, as well as being the greatest practitioner (and human being) I can be.  I would love to hear from you!  What are you looking for?  How can the holistic hub be helpful to you?

Synergistically Yours~

Jenn Seffrin

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Living On Live Food

By Audrey Barron

Welcome to my guest blogger, Audrey Barron!  Audrey is a Raw Food Chef, Educator, and multi-faceted Massage Therapist.  She is a healer by nature and her mission is to provide healing services and information to the community and to the world.  Audrey offers a very peaceful and inviting environment to her clients and knows how to meet people where they are at.  My goal in having guest bloggers visit us here is for you to get to know people impacting the well-being of the Indianapolis area through their work and life philosophies.  Here’s an article from Audrey that exemplifies a bit of that…

What does it mean to really LIVE your life?

Does it mean traveling, climbing tall mountains and checking off your “bucket list”?

Five years ago when I discovered something called Living Foods (or raw foods), I began a lifelong journey of healing, vibrant health and to love.  You might find it odd that a “diet” could lead you to healing and love – I know I personally didn’t expect much more than to feel physically healthy.

The term “raw” refers to the food not being heated above 118 degrees.   This “un”cooking” method allows you consume the food still brimming with living enzymes, nutrients and minerals that haven’t been damaged by high heat.  Your body is able to use every single morsel you put into your mouth to feed your cells and to sweep away toxins.  That’s really it in a tiny nutshell.   So, as you begin eating a diet of mostly living foods (I say if you can do at least 50% of your diet, you will see results) you start to see changes like more energy, weight melting off, better quality sleep, clearer skin, hair and nails stronger and even blood sugar balancing and cholesterol lowering.

My version of the Living Food diet consists of:

Raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, herbs and sea veggies.

To me, the true magic is not in the physical changes, although they are wonderful.  The true magic is when you begin to experience emotional and spiritual awakening.

As your body releases toxins and fat stored up from processed food, pharmaceuticals, soda, etc. you also begin to release stored emotional baggage.  Emotional turmoil is a form of energy.  If we don’t process it and release it when it happens, it will be stored in the body.  When you release this negative energy, you leave space and when you are eating high vibration foods, that space can easily be filled with positive emotions, love, confidence, forgiveness, etc.  Whatever it is for you.  For me, I would (and still do) experience spontaneous fits of joy at random times – just so blissfully happy to be alive and be there in that moment – even sometimes in traffic!  To me, this is a true miracle.  And when I began to feel this good, I knew I always wanted to feel the vibrant health and wellbeing.  So, yes I love to travel, experience new people and places, but to me true LIVING is being able to be just as blissfully happy in my back yard as I am hiking a beautiful mountain:)  Food isn’t everything, but when you eat natural, organic and fresh plants, it can open the gates to a world of vibrant health and a blissful life!

Well stated Audrey!  Learn more about her services at  She is full of healthful and vibrant information.  Much appreciation for her!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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Face Time

By Jenn Baron

Welcome to my first guest blogger, Jenn Baron!  Jenn is a Certified Massage Therapist in Broad Ripple.  Her exclusive goal is to provide people with the highest quality massage therapy and bodywork in a quiet and relaxing environment.  She does just that!  Jenn is vivacious and a caring touch point for everyone she encounters.  My goal in having guest bloggers visit us here is for you to get to know people impacting the well-being of the Indianapolis area through their work and life philosophies.  Here’s an article from Jenn that exemplifies a bit of that…

We seem to be in a contest of sorts to see who can be the busiest person we know.  Like we’ll win a great prize of some sort or feel more valuable and worthwhile as a person!  And while we’re busy doing a bunch of important and not so important things, we feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our friends, families, spirits and lives.  We think to ourselves, “This cannot be how life is meant to be lived.”  You are so right; it’s not.

You weren’t born to accomplish a daily list of “to-dos” and then die one day lonely and exhausted.  I truly believe that we were meant to enjoy the experiences life has to offer.  Spending time with those we love and care about is one of life’s best occasions.  When we say, “yes” to every little thing that comes our way we end up saying “no” to our spirits and souls and the important face-time we really need to be happy and healthy people.

When was the last time you called up a friend to go for a walk, catch up over coffee, meet for a beer or glass of wine or picked up the phone to call rather than text or email?  I promise that your life will be so much richer and fuller when you say yes to moments of reconnecting rather than mindlessly rushing through your day.  The one who dies with the most toys does not win.  Enjoy your life; it is a gift.  If you see me around town let’s chat. 

Well stated Jenn Baron!  Learn more about Jenn at  She is definitely a great person to spend “Face Time” with.  Much appreciation for her!

Synergistically yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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The Breath of Life

There are so many ways to address your well-being.  Exposure to new ways and opportunities to focus on self is great so you can determine the best fit for you.  There is no one-size-fits all.  So, try on different things, learn about multiple disciplines, and discover what you enjoy.  It is in that spirit, I highlight breathwork today!

I have had the privilege of working with a local practitioner of transformational breathwork.  In my sessions with Lynn Ruth, I experienced great calm, peace, and an awareness of my energy that I had not experienced before.  I literally felt my body pulsating.  I was aware of the energy rippling from me!  After each session, worries were washed away and I felt so thankful for the glories I did have in life.  Breathwork is a healing experience, an opportunity to focus on that essential mechanism of our body and allow it to do its natural work.  Our cells require oxygen to move, reproduce, and function.  That movement helps rid the body of toxins.  There is a lot of talk about the benefits of breathing fully for optimal health and stress-reduction.  Would you like to take a day to focus on those benefits for you?  Discover immediate results?  And connect to being well in mind ~ body ~ and spirit?

That time is here!  Lynn Ruth’s mentor and teacher,  Christian de la Huerta, is coming to Indianapolis to conduct a powerful workshop called Breathing Into Purpose.  Christian is an award-winning author, lecturer, group facilitator, and Master Breathworker. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your life purpose by going within and evaluating your life, actions, relationships, and activities. It can serve as a time to define, review, and clarify intentions.

If this sounds like something for you to “try on“, please join Christian on March 24th.  You can read his flyer by clicking here.

Share with us your experience with breathwork!  Post your thoughts and questions today:)

Synergistically Yours,

Jenn Seffrin

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